Green building is integrate
lifetime construction

What is Green Building?

Green Building is the build system using techniques that do not damage the environment, that integrates humans in their environment. It is, therefore, about more than Bioclimatic or Ecology: it is design and build not only with respect to nature (his forces, materials, etc.) it is also the health factor of people who will develop their life in these buildings. It is also more than just solar systems or renewable, or natural water management, it includes a number of lessons that enables man to occupy and inhabit a space within a building and be consistent with one’s environment and with the beings who will occupy: Bio (Life) -Construction is merely Building for Life.

Choice of materials

The choice of materials must take into account that they are non-polluting and renewable products, production and transportation does not involve major social, environmental or energy costs.

POLLUTANTS: Do not contaminate either the manufacture or to the housing user, and very important with the minimum TRANSPORT as possible. I always give the example: It doesn’t make sense build a green house in Spain if the materials you bring are from China? The logical thing is to make a home in Spain with materials from life here: stone, clay, wood, adobe, etc. In Canada, for example, it will be made of wood, …

The materials used ensure the protection and isolation from external aggressions, as they are materials with thermal properties, that helps the interior climate comfort being constant and pleasant in all seasons.

Materials have to be breathable, not seal off the treated surfaces, free of pollutants and toxic materials and substances free of electrostatic charge.

Take the example of a person who gets a raincoat. Her skin does not breathe and it sweats, we felt uncomfortable. In housing is the same example, housing has to be like a second skin, housing must breathe to have no condensation and the air must be pure and healthy (no black cement, plastic paints, etc.)

When starts a bioclimatic house project must take into account a number of conditions both environmental such as architectural, for keep housing being consistent with the the surrounding environment.

First we do a survey for the best architectural integration of housing in the desired environment, applying saving measures and energy efficiency in building design.

On the other hand, integrate solar energy systems in buildings and development of measures leading to a sustainable and efficient management water, ie, be self-sufficient.

Poor location of housing or poor choice of materials can cause us health disorders arising from construction materials according to their toxicity, their ecological footprint and its lifetime and both electromagnetic fields, natural and the generated ones by electrical installations inside and outside a building.

In short, you just have to look back and see how our ancestors did in building, in northern built in one way and another in the south, because there is neither the same materials in the North than in the South, nor the same climate, nor the same needs.